Getting Files out of an iPhone Backup

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to set up my new iPhone 5s as a new phone, rather than restoring it from the backup of my previous iPhone 4s.

Overall, starting over from scratch has worked out well. Once I set up each email account, my old mail came over, and Twitter was easy to set up too. Resetting the high scores in my games has been kind of nice in a way, and I’m happy to have cleaned out the camera roll—whenever I sync my phone, I import the pictures to a dedicated project in Aperture anyway, and I copied back the few pictures I want to have on the phone.

The one exception was my GPS tracks in MotionX-GPS. I keep GPS tracks of my bike rides and ski trips, more for times than anything else, and they were locked in my old 4s backup, through a lack of foresight on my part—you can get them out of the app via iTunes File Sharing; I’d just forgotten to do so. I stewed over this for a day or so, and then decided I really did want my old GPS files. Continue reading