Last Dive of the Season


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I did my last dive of the season today. There were three of us, plus Dan Easa of East Coast Divers, and we ended up at Old Garden Beach in Rockport. Despite the impending storm two days away, the sea was flat, and the sun was relatively warm once the fog burned off. Once we were in the water, we snorkeled out to about get some depth under us, then descended. We swam over the sandy bottom, then moved further out into the rocks. There were lots of crabs, of several different sorts, plus we saw a sea robin and a school of fish. Continue reading


I was kayaking downstream on the Charles one Saturday evening this past July when I came upon a family of swans.

Swan Family

Swan Family

Papa Swan was not at all happy to see me; whenever I started to get close, he’d paddle rapidly toward me, and start hissing, while the mother stayed close to the younger ones.

Papa Swan to the defense

Papa Swan to the defense. Note the bow wave on him.

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Upstate New York


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A couple of weekends ago, I went with my sister to visit my brother in upstate New York. He’s living in the Syracuse area, about an hour away from the Finger Lakes area, and he wanted to show us Watkins Glen Gorge and wine country. The gorge is awesome, and it’s beautiful country, with lots of wineries and farmlands. Continue reading