Brickyard Pond, Barrington, RI

Near the midpoint of the East Bay Bike Path you pass a large pond, Brickyard Pond. The pond is large, about 84 acres, and, from the bike way seems quite wild, as it’s ringed by marsh grasses and has several small islands covered with marsh grass and trees. In fact, it’s man-made – it was the site of a clay quarry used to make bricks that eventually filled with water.

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Paddling to Pomham

When I was working in Providence, I often rode the East Bay Bike Path after work. It was close by, relatively flat (except for one killer hill) and scenic. One of my favorite pieces of scenery is the the Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, which sits on an outcropping of rock quite visible from the path. I’ve been wanting to see it up close for a long time, and now that I have my own kayak, I can. Saturday, I finally made the trip.

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Walk at Sunset

I decided to visit the East Bay Bike path today after work. I was hoping it was still snow covered; I had both my skis and the snow shoes my friend Rich gave me in the car. The plan was to park at Riverside Square and go far enough to see Pomham Rocks Lighthouse.

By the time I got there, the sun had just slipped under the horizon, but the sky was still bright. The path was mostly snow free, so I just walked. It was intensely cold, but also incredibly peaceful– just the water gently lapping at the shore, and geese honking overhead.

Sunset from the East Bay Bike Path, featuring the Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

Sunset at Pomham Rocks