Amazing Grace


One of the things I liked best about my old job was being close enough to the East Bay Bike Path to be able to go for a ride after work. I just love going for a ride along the water around sunset

I decided to go back for a ride this evening. The days are short enough now, and night falls quickly enough now, that I had to time things carefully. Tarry too long at the far end of the path, and it’s fully night by the time Pomham Rocks Light comes into view.

Tonight, I timed it just right. The sun was still pretty high when I paused by the water in Warren, but the sun had set and the clouds had turned pink by the time the lighthouse came into view. And then, Judy Collins’ Amazing Grace came on the iPhone, and it was perfect.


Growing up, during our vacations at the Cape my parents liked to go for rides after supper, usually winding up at a beach for sunset. The radio station my dad liked had to sign off at sunset, and often signed off with Amazing Grace. Hearing it again at sunset brought back a bunch of memories.