Headline Foolishness

I saw this headline earlier today, and found it irritatingly foolish:

Court Holds Secret Vote on Health Care

It makes it sound like the justices were in some sort of secret conspiracy to do whatever they’re going to do to the health care law. The article went out over the news syndicates, and it appeared on a number of sites, usually with the same headline.

In fact, though, it was just their normal Friday conference where they discuss, in private,  the cases they’ve heard during oral arguments over the week, and once you read the article, it made that clear, and also had a fairly accurate description of the decision process. More accurate headlines would have used “tentative” or “private” to describe the conference today, since the eventual vote will become public, but of course,  that doesn’t sound as sinister.

Springing Forward

So, we’re back in Daylight Savings Time. As I type this, I’m at the Boston Sea Rovers show, waiting for the first seminar of the day to begin. It seems to me that everybody here is feeling the time shift. It’s 10 minutes to the start of the talk, and the audience is still sparse and fairly subdued. At least it makes it easier for the folks from Bonaire, who are used to this time.

Of the talks yesterday, my favorite was Joe Romeiro’s. It was billed as a talk on the sharks of New England, but basically, he was just rummaging through folders of pictures in the Finder and showing off a potpourri of pictures and videos from all over. He was the guy who shot the amazing shark video on You Tube, and is also a very engaging speaker.

I’m kinda sad about the end of winter. Although I don’t do it well, I enjoy cross country skiing, and there wasn’t much of it this year. The Weston Ski Track was continually battling the warm weather, and ended up having to make more snow later than they normally do. They only had the full course open one weekend, the weekend we got back from Bonaire. Windblown XC in New Hampshire was only open for last weekend. They did have great snow last weekend, but it’s gone now.

View from Windblown

Panoramic View from Windblown XC — taken with Pano on the iPhone 4S

I guess it’s time put the bike back in the car and start hitting the bike path after work.