Feeling Guilty

I got a phone call at work today from some salesman trying to push an extended service plan for the car. It was one of those scummy outfits that try to pretend that They’re An Official Part of American Honda.

I really detest this kind of fraud, and was already irritable from a sleepless night last night, so I went into Mike Wallace mode and just lit into him. The fact that I had an audience at work probably spurred me on a bit too. I ended up yelling at him before hanging up on him. I should have handled it more politely. I definitely stepped over the line, and regret it.

But not enough to buy his scummy plan.

End of an Ice Age

Slowly, slowly, the snow is receding. The front yard is mostly free of snow, except the big banks by the house, which are in the shade. I freed a a few branches of the bushes from their burdens of snow this morning, but several of the others are still matted down. I was able to retrieve the outside thermometer, which is usually perched outside the living room window, from where it had blown during one of the storms. I was also able to hop over the remains of one drift of snow to get to the side yard, where the daylilies are starting to green up.

The back yard is another story. It’s shaded, and we blew and threw a lot of snow into it, and it’s still mostly snow covered, except by the stone wall. The wall of snow that came off the porch roof is still pretty high, and the mound of snow from the driveway/back walk still makes getting into the backyard impossible. It’s been receding from the warmth of the walkway, but it’s still about four feet high. I’ve been attacking it periodically when I get home from work trying to spread it out so it will melt faster.

I’ve seen a couple of motorcycles on the road this weekend, so I tried starting up the bike. The battery had enough juice to light the lights, but not enough to turn over the engine. Hopefully a little trickle charging will take care of that.