Diving Off Rockport

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to go diving again off my friend Jack’s boat. The weather was perfect, and the water had warmed up quite nicely after the 46° of my last dives.

After heading out the Annisquam River, we headed out around the end of Cape Ann, and dropped anchor between Cathedral Rocks and Pigeon Cove. The bottom was rocky, with many channels in the rocks. The surface temperature was downright warm, in the low 60s, with a very noticeable thermocline. Under the thermocline, the water was in the low 50s. There was a lot of loose algae in the water, and the rocks sloped down into the deep. The depth was about 24 feet under the boat, and on my first dive, we got as deep as 69 feet.

There were a lot of starfish, clams and flounder to be seen, and at one point, Karen pointed out a crevice full of anemones tube worms. I didn’t see a ton of lobsters, but she was able to pick up a couple of good sized ones. For some reason, I was enjoying the camera more than usual; I actually got a couple of seaweed pictures that I like. The only real frustration on that front was at depth — we ran in a school of pollock, but wasn’t able to get close enough to record them.

Karen at the anchor line

Karen at the anchor line


One thought on “Diving Off Rockport

  1. Great pictures! I was there and it was questionable visibility but you took some terrific shots that made the conditions look better than they were.
    It was terrific diving with you !

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