Bonaire 2016 Pictures: Thursday

Thursday started with a pair of boat dives. For me, the first one was kind of embarrassing, as I burned through my air and was the first one back on the boat. The second one was actually pretty productive, as I had both the guide and Barbara pointing things out to me.

For the afternoon, Ralph, Joe and I went for a dive off the dock.

Unfortunately, I had some trouble with my regulator before the dive, which I compounded by a fair amount of stupidity. When I accidentally swiped a finger over a coral head (probably damaging the coral, definitely damaging the finger) I knew it was time to get out of the water for the day.

So I drove up to Seru Largu, an overlook on a hill in the center of the island to see the sunset. There’s a monument there, and I got there in time to see a rain shower pour over downtown while the sun set over the rest of the island. It was a nice peaceful moment.