Bonaire 2016 Pictures: Friday

Friday marked the last day of diving. In the morning, Ralph, the Quinnans, Debie and I revisited Aquarius, because of its easy sandy entry. Interestingly enough, possibly due to Barbara making me more aware of them, I saw a ton of Flamingo Tongues there, which I hadn’t noticed Sunday.

We’d planned to do another morning dive, but Ralph bowed out. So I decided to do one last dive off the dock. I headed south, and kept to around 50 feet or so, then headed to the north, and then finally back to the dock. Along the way, I saw a Rock Beauty that was positively parading in front of me, daring me to get its picture, but not really stopping long enough to get a good one. I got a picture of it on the fly. At the end, I saw a scorpionfish settling down under a concrete block, and was positioning my strobe when I was attacked by a very territorial damselfish.

After the dive, I cleaned up my gear and brought it back to our patio to dry. Later, near sunset, Barbara and I headed south to Salt Pier, where she wanted to take pictures of the salt piles in the setting sun. We only got a few pictures before the sun dropped behind the clouds, but we did get some pictures of sunset near the slave huts, and Salt Pier at dusk with its lights.