Bonaire 2016 Pictures: Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday was a full day. In the morning we did a shore dive at Weber’s Joy, and got banged around quite a bit coming out of the water. Instead of a second dive, Paul took us on a tour of the island. For better or worse, I didn’t have my camera with me that morning – I’d intended to put it in the rinse bag, but forgot. Probably just as well, considering how rough the surf was.

For the afternoon, I did a pair of dives off the dock. The first one I did with Ralph, and deliberately decided to go a bit deeper than I’d been going, and the second one was a short half hour dive by myself. Since I was planning this second dive to only last a half hour, I felt free to go down to fifty feet or so. Because there’s less ambient light exposure on these two dives, and because these pictures were shot against the reef wall, I think they came out better than some of the other dives.

Tonight was Paul’s Steak, Fish or Chicken dinner. It was also the wedding dinner for Jack’s daughter. I’m not going to post pictures of the couple or the families here without permission, but I can share these two pictures: