Bonaire 2016 Pictures: Tuesday

Tuesday morning we drove to the north to a site called “Oil Slick Leap”. The site is set on a cliff of about 8 feet, and you can either climb down a ladder, or jump off the cliff into the water. I jumped, and had Paul hand the camera to me.

For this dive, I was using the red filter the whole time. I really thought while I was shooting that it was great – in the viewfinder, the color looked decent, I was getting the look of existing light, I could take pictures with a more overall point of view, since I didn’t have to light it with the strobe, and fish pictures were easier since I didn’t have to get within strobe range. But the color on these is just plain strange – the highlights are greenish, and the shadows blue. I guess the filter works best at a certain depth range, and I’ll have to look at the computer log to find out what that depth is.

Again, for this dive, I shot a little video, this time of some smallmouth grunts. Click the Play control to see it:

For the afternoon, we had a pair of boat dives, the first at Lighthouse Point, and the second at “Something Special”, which is right outside the harbor.