Dover – Natick

I took this past Monday off, and spent most of it paddling the Charles River from Bridge Street in Dover to the Natick Dam. Although the foliage was a little pre-peak, it was still a gorgeous day –clear and crisp, a little chilly to start, but basically comfortable in the sun.

I’d passed the Bridge Street put in a couple of times, coming downstream from Medfield, but I wanted to go further downstream this time, all the way to the dam in Natick.

I’d read there was a statue of the Virgin Mary along the river about a mile short of the dam, but assumed it was just someone’s backyard statuary, and in fact, somehow missed it on the trip downstream. Just beyond the statue is a very picturesque footbridge, and I was so absorbed trying to frame the bridge well that I somehow missed the statue altogether.

I say “somehow”, because when I passed it on the return trip, I spotted it immediately. It’s quite big actually, and perched on a large outcropping.

It was the first time I’ve done most of this section of the river. It was pretty deserted in parts, and in other parts, I passed by some really nice homes. At the end, the river parallels Route 16 for a stretch, and the roar of cars passing is a constant companion.

When I arrived at the dam, I got just close enough to see that it was a dam, and turned around. I’m looking forward to doing the next stretch downstream sometime.