Late Fall on the Charles

I took the kayak out onto the Charles in Medfield this afternoon, hoping to see some fall foliage. I’d hoped to go in at the new Medfield Charles River Gateway, but I had trouble finding it at first, and when I did find it, at the site of the old Medfield State Hospital, I didn’t see any place to put in, so I went back to the put in along Route 27. I schlepped the kayak down to the water, and headed downstream.

We had some heavy rain the other day, and the current was quite noticeable. The wind and rain had also stripped away a lot of the brighter foliage nearest the bridge; mostly what was left was the oak trees, with their brownish leaves, and a lot of bare branches.

As I headed downstream, I passed under a railroad bridge, then passed by the Gateway, where the river turns sharply. Once past the corner, there were more trees, and more foliage remaining. It was pretty, but definitely past peak, and the sky was kind of milky as some thin high clouds rolled in.

I continued on past another bend in the river, and continued on for another twenty minutes or so, and then turned around. Heading back, the current was more noticeable– a couple of times I stopped to take pictures, and found myself heading backwards as the river checked my forward momentum and started taking me with it.

Along the way back, the lighting was a little more conducive for picture taking.

As I approached the corner where the new gateway is, I did see that there is in fact, a put in there. Now I’ll just have to figure out where to park the car.