Interesting Siri Discovery

I was up very late Saturday– actually early Sunday, cleaning up the place. For some reason, I can’t get going until late. Anyrate, it was around 2:30 in the morning, and I finally got all the clutter more or less stowed away, and it was time for bed. I was noodling away on the iPad to relax, when I remembered the camera battery needed to be charged. I was too lazy to get out of bed, so I brought up Siri and said, “Remind me tomorrow morning at 10 AM to charge the camera battery.”

Siri replied, “Just to be clear, do you mean 10 AM December 23 or 10 AM December 24?”

I would have never thought of that. The literal answer to that would have been December 24th, since it was already after midnight, on the 23rd. But in fact, I did mean December 23rd, after I woke up. I happily touched December 23rd, went to bed, the reminder appeared on my devices the next day, and I dutifully put the battery in the charger.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I got to Cape Ann later that day, that I discovered I should have also set a reminder to put the battery back in the camera when it was done.