Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

I went into Boston for First Night last night.  I felt it was a little bit of a let down compared to past years*—instead of several ice sculptures on the Common and at Copley Square, there were two at Copley and just one at the Prudential Center. I was also irritated because I just missed the early fireworks; I prefer the early family show to staying in town until midnight.  As it was, I just saw the finale at I came out of the subway at Copley.

Ice Sculpture

First Night 2013 Ice sculpture of Jack and the Beanstalk, at Copley Square

I also saw a couple of comedians at the Hynes Center. They were good, but I felt the size of the space they were in—a big hall—was working against them. I ended the evening at an organ concert at the Arlington Street Church. It’s a magnificent building, and I’d never been inside it before.

The Christmas tree came down this morning, and I went over to the Weston Ski Track this afternoon. The snow was great and I actually skied for nearly an hour, which is a lot, since I don’t skate ski well.

On to 2013.

*The best First Night I went to was a couple of years ago, when it snowed that night. There were still enough people in town that I didn’t feel like an idiot for being there, but it was noticeably less crowded.