Colds Suck

I’ve been dealing with a cold now since Wednesday. Wednesday wasn’t too bad, mainly a scratchiness at the back of my throat that’s always an omen of bad things to come, and a feeling of deep weariness, enough to cancel out of a planned MeetUp. Thursday was a little worse, and Friday it really began to hit – I had real trouble focusing, my sinuses were not liking me, I had a headache, and it was clear I was running a fever. I managed to get my work done for the day, and went to bed directly after supper.

For some reason, I have weird work dreams when I’m sick and Friday night was no exception. I spent most of yesterday in bed, and today I’m in full drippy mode, too foggy to read, eyes watering so much that all I want to do is close them, but too rested to sleep,

One of the unlovely things I’ve noticed about getting older is that colds seem to take longer to run through their phases. It used to be that a cold would come on in a day or so; this one took three days to get going, and it’s already been two in the massively drippy stage.

Hopefully, tomorrow, the worst of the drippiness will be over, and I’ll be into the gooey stage; it’s still kind of messy, but at least I’ll be feeling better.

I still remember the first bad cold I got; I’d had non-serious colds before, but I got a really bad one in third grade, and I remember being shocked at how bad it felt; this wasn’t fair, it was only a cold!

I know this too, shall pass, and I’m feeling fortunate that the worst of it (I hope!) is happening on the weekend, when I can spend the days in bed. But still, colds suck.