Bonaire 2018 Pictures: Sunday

We had our first dives of the trip on Sunday, after a brief re-orientation from Augusto, the head of Dive Operations at the resort. I did one dive in the morning, then took care of business, including renewing my driver’s license online, picking up some groceries, and renting a truck, and two in the afternoon: one early, with my roommate Mike, and one later with Ralph and Joe Quinnan as well.

First Dive

Second Dive

For the second dive, Mike and I headed north from the resort

Third Dive

We did our last dive of the day around five; for this dive, I used a red filter over the lens instead of using the strobe. The filter permits a more natural feel, because you’re using existing light, at the cost of color. I took the filter off once we reached the boat, and lost the mount on the way back.