Retina Headers

I’ve just gone through the site and updated the header images to display in retina quality. I’ve updated all of the rotating header images, and I think I got most of the post feature images as well. (“Retina” is Apple’s term for a display with resolution so high that you can’t resolve the individual pixels at normal viewing distances). If you’re looking at the site with a normal 96 DPI screen, you won’t see any difference, but if you have a high resolution screen you’re in for a treat.

I hadn’t intended to embark on this project right now, but last night I decided to update one or two to see how it would look, and damn, was it addictive. A retina screen, like I have on my current laptop, is a wondrous thing for looking at photographs, but the flip side is that pictures saved in standard resolution look distinctly blurry. It was fun updating each image and seeing the details pop out. I was startled by the header for Distant Lightning; at retina resolution the lightning bolt really stands out so much more. I kept on saying to myself, “just one more,” and the next thing I knew it was past midnight.

I’m not sure when or if I’ll update the rest of the pictures. Until I got this computer, I was very careful to upload pictures at display resolution to provide faster uploads, which means there are a lot of images that need updating. But boy, it is tempting.