Beard Update

As I mentioned back in May, in Crossing the Santa Threshold, I’m trying to grow out my beard. The goal is a year beard, AKA a “yeard”. As of the beginning of this month, I’m 10 months in:

10 month Beard

10 month Beard, taken with the webcam on my work computer.

It looks like I’m going to make it to the end of the year. Beyond that, I haven’t decided.

The cons:

  • It’s not neat looking.
  • It gets in the way.
  • It’s a pain in the neck wearing a motorcycle helmet; the strap tends to catch on the hairs.
  • It gets in the way when eating.
  • White hairs all over the place.
  • Every now and then, I’ll catch my reflection and think, I look like a bum.

The pros:

  • Kids tend to be on their best behavior around me. I expect this to become more noticeable over the next month.
  • Compliments from strangers. Not too many, but some.
  • Every now and then, I’ll catch my reflection and think, that looks freaking awesome.

I don’t know how it will turn out. I may just decide to even up the ends and keep it long, or go back to a short neat beard.

Watch this space.

One thought on “Beard Update

  1. Santa!?!?! Is that you? I would like a new dive light and pair of gloves for Christmas…

    That is frickin’ awesome Ted. I can’t wait to show the girls!

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