Cathedral Rocks

I did the East Coast Divers shore dive to Cathedral Rocks today. It’s been a while since I dove Cathedral—it’s a pretty site, but not my favorite, because it requires shlepping all your gear down about 50 feet of rocks, and generally, I find, by the time I’ve got all my gear by the water, I’m overheated,  sweating like a pig, tired, and winded. It can also be a difficult site to get in and out of if the water turns rough. It didn’t help that a couple of my first dives here were on very hot days, and that I had a nasty fall here in 2004 that resulted in a bad gash on my leg that kept me out of the water for about a month.

Fortunately, the weather wasn’t too hot or too choppy today, and I had a couple of good dives. Despite (or perhaps because of) the large number of lobster traps, I didn’t see too many lobsters or crabs. I did see I striper while snorkeling out, and a couple of schools of pollock that were too far away for photography. So mainly, I shot seaweed and starfish: