Folly Cove

After several weeks of being out of commission due to a cold and back and shoulder problems, I’m finally able to do stuff on my days off again. Friday night I did a nice long ride  on the East Bay Bike path. It was pretty dark on the way back, and there were fireflies twinkling all around me.

Last evening, I went kayaking over at Newton. The water was still and peaceful. Unfortunately, I’m coming to the conclusion that the only way I’m ever going to see a blue heron again is if I stop taking the camera. I did see a family of swans, and a bunch of ducklings being herded by their mothers.

Today I did the East Coast Divers shore dive to Folly Cove. The first dive was on the left hand side. It took me a while to aim and diagnose a problem with the strobe, which was only firing intermittently; I finally realized that the sync setting was wrong, once I fixed that, I started having better luck.

The left side of Folly is a steep rocky cliff; and there used to be tons of anemones there. Then one year, there were none. I still remember taking my nephew there, and looking forward to showing them to him, and they weren’t there. I don’t know if it’s a cyclical thing, or due to disease, or habitat change, or the influx of invasive species. Any rate, I finally saw a few today; the first ones I’ve seen at Folly in a long time.