Foggy Moon

After an afternoon spent doing yard work yesterday, I decided to take the bike for a ride along the Charles after supper. The paths are flat there, and I needed the exercise. As an afterthought, I decided to bring along the camera, thinking I might get some sunset shots. At the very last moment, I remembered there was going to be a full moon, and threw my camera bag with the Gorillapod and remote control in the car too.

It was a good move. There wasn’t much of a sunset, but by the time I got to the lagoon, I could see fog starting to caress the top of the Prudential building. By the time I got to the River Street bridge, the moon was starting to rise, and the fog was really rolling in on the Boston side. As I started back along the Cambridge side, the moon was starting to light up the fog bank. This is the kind of photography I love the best– existing light, interesting light, and a gorgeous landscape.