Things I Miss

Between the COVID-19 outbreak, and Mum’s stroke, things have changed. These are a few things I miss under the current circumstances.

  • Breakfast out on Sundays. I hope our regular restaurant will be able to recover, but I’m not sanguine about it.
  • Going into Boston on the weekends
  • Thursdays out with Kris, Paul, John and Rich
  • Having the surplus time and energy to do yard work
  • Buying plants
  • Going to the Apple Store to gawk at the newest stuff
  • Kelly’s Roast Beef
  • Going grocery shopping at a civilized hour
  • Not wearing a mask when I go grocery shopping
  • My crocuses. The neighbor mowed the lawn where they’re naturalized last year. (OK, can’t blame this one on COVID 19)
  • Feeling free to just disappear for a couple of hours on my days off
  • Going for a bike ride along the Charles
  • Country Kitchen doughnuts.
  • Window shopping
  • Going to a bookstore and just browsing
  • Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffins. Their coffee is so-so, and their doughnuts are now crap, but their blueberry muffins are fantastic.
  • Sleeping through the night.
  • Seeing people in person.
  • Not worrying

What do you miss?

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