Hello from Bonaire

We got into Bonaire this evening just past sunset. It’s been a long day. I was up at 1:55 to get to Logan by 3:30; it was a good thing I was early because the line to check in was enormous; I didn’t have my boarding pass in hand until close til 4:30. Thankfully, the flight, which had been scheduled for 5:30, didn’t leave until close to 6; It was a good thing, because Jack, who’d been trapped in the check in line, just barely made the flight. Even better, they made up for the delay in transit, and we arrived in Houston nearly on time.

I had a window seat for both legs. I like looking at the scenery, and it was especially nice at sunrise and sunset. I would have liked to have used the map so I could know what I was seeing, but United put the map behind a paywall.

Overall, aside from the madness at Logan, the flights went pretty smoothly. The other half of our group went through Atlanta, and got here earlier. We touched down here around 7; it took the better part of an hour to get our luggage and get to the resort.

The difference in weather is shocking. I went from about 3 degrees and absolutely desiccated air and windchills below zero, to eighty plus degrees and warm humid breezes.

I’m glad to be back.