Piccadilly and Leicester Square

With the trip drawing to a close, I wanted to do some more sightseeing after work. Mark and Ben recommended Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square so I decided to take them up on it. I got there at dusk, right when the lights of the buildings were starting to match the light from the sky. It was mobbed.

There were street entertainers there, and big screens across the buildings, and lots of shops and restaurants. I walked along for a bit grabbing pictures. The two areas are not that distinct from each other; “Piccadilly Circus” is a big plaza, and if you walk down one of the streets from the plaza, you end up in Leicester Square. The whole area has the same vibe.

It was a good time of day to be there; I got some nice existing light pictures.

Unfortunately, after about 20 pictures or so, the camera failed; I was taking a picture that seemed to be taking too long; I tried to cancel it, and the camera went into an error state that I haven’t been able to get it out of. I’ve tried pulling and replacing the battery, replacing the SD card, dismounting the lens, and cleaning the lens contacts. From what I’ve read online, it may need service. Thankfully, I’m at the end of the trip and not the beginning.

After the camera died, I decided to have supper. I found a steak house nearby, and had a ribeye and an absolutely decadent strawberry sundae. After supper, I walked a little further, I wound up in the theater district and stumbled over the St. Martins theater, home of Agatha Christie’s The MouseTrap. I also took a brief foray into Chinatown.

I’m leaning toward going to the National Gallery tomorrow night, then spending most of Saturday at the British Museum. The thought of seeing The Mousetrap is tempting, though.