First Real Snow of the Season

Late afternoon at the Ski Track

Late afternoon at the Ski Track

We had our first real snow of the season yesterday. Oh, sure, we had a couple of minor storms in December, but they didn’t amount to much, and didn’t really stick. I’d say we got about 10 inches of light snow here.

It’s amazing what a difference having a snow blower makes. I rather enjoyed it. First I cleared our driveway, then I cleared the drain across the street and then cleared the ends of a couple of neighbor’s driveways to boot, before heading out to breakfast. 

The porch ceiling was leaking, so after I got back, I got up on the roof and cleared off the porch roof, and roof raked the main roof. In hind sight this may not have been a great idea — the sun warmed the roof, and melted the scraps of snow that I left, and this meltwater then leaked through the porch ceiling. It does make me more certain that the leak is related to the gutter; I think when the gutter backs up, or the wind is from the south, the water is getting in behind the gutter.

After clearing the roofs, I changed into my ski clothes and headed over the Weston Leo J. Martin Ski Track, for my first skate skiing of the year. I was a little hesitant about it, because my back has been bothering me, and because skate skiing has always been painful for me. I generally set a 20-25 minute timer on myself.

I don’t know whether it was the fresh waxing I gave the skis yesterday, or the powdery snow, or the fact that I was on the extended trails, but it actually worked out pretty well. I still tired easily, but it was just as much my arms as my legs. I definitely felt that I had the right skating motion, and was actually able to skate uphill (for short distances). I actually spent over an hour on the trails; I was cold at times, partly because I’d been sweating, and I still had to stop continuously because I was running out of steam, but it didn’t hurt much. Does this mean that I’m finally getting the hang of it? Man, I hope so. If I am, then maybe it’s just a matter of practice before I can go further without stopping. 

At least, I can hope.