Hello From Bonaire

Hello from Bonaire. I’m here for a week on a dive trip with a bunch of old friends.

The trip down here was uneventful, as these things go. Our half of the group left Boston yesterday around 4:30, and stayed in Atlanta overnight. It was interesting looking out the window, as we chased the sunset westward. We left Atlanta this morning around 10:30, on very packed flight, and got into Flamingo Airport around 3:30 local time (one hour ahead of Boston).

Our airplane

Arrival in Bonaire

It was a mob scene going through customs and baggage pickup, but the lines did move quickly, and there were no difficulties with luggage.

The other half of our group is coming through Houston, with my buddy Ralph joining them there, and they’re not getting in until late. Ken Apple’s already been here a week, and said the diving’s good, and that he saw a bait ball. Paul was able to pick up the park permits for everyone, but it was too late to pick up weights, so I just did a quick snorkel around the dock. A little chilly without a wetsuit, but nice. Even next to the dock I could see little minnow like fish, and could hear the constant crackling sound you hear in the water here, which I’ve always assumed was the parrot fish chomping on the coral.

I still have to finish prepping my gear — I have a new o-ring for the housing, and I need to remove all the tape I put on my light batteries to prevent them from turning on accidentally. Paul’s having barbecue takeout in his unit at eight. Diving in earnest starts tomorrow.