Folly Cove

With today being the last day of the summer, and warm weather in the forecast, I decided to do the East Coast Divers shore dive to Folly Cove. Folly is a bowl shaped cove on the border between Gloucester and Rockport. The left hand side is a steeply sloped wall; the right hand side is a gently sloped rock pile, with sand in the middle.

Today, the water was warm — around 59°, and the visibility generally satisfactory. I did the first dive with Dave, who was just starting out, and the second dive with Pete, who was also taking pictures. It was good diving with another photographer because we both ran at the same pace.

I was a little disappointed in the lack of anemones there. I can remember a time when there were a lot more there. The first dive, we never got deep enough to see them; the second dive, I only saw a couple. And everywhere I looked, was the yellowish creeping crud of invasive algae.