My Sister’s Superhero

My sister and her husband will have been married for nine years this month. Despite the difference in their ages–I won’t say how much, other than to say he isn’t allowed to call my mother “Mum” – it’s obvious they’re very happy together. He brought her into his world of birding, and they share a love of the outdoors. It’s fun watching them together, and seeing them tease each other. Their affection is very clear, and he’s been very supportive of her.

Paul had a Big Birthday™ this week, and Nancy wanted to express her appreciation to him. So she sent me a picture of him, and asked me to turn him into a super hero. And so, without further ado…


Faster than a peregrine falcon, able to spot small warblers in a single glance, able to find small birds in a big forest… It’s BirderMan!

Happy Birthday, Paul.

2 thoughts on “My Sister’s Superhero

  1. I think Super Birderman needs wings & feathers in stead of a cape. I love the pose. Happy Birthday Paul & many more….with love from the CT contingent.

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